Reposting a link, comment, status update, tweet, or other social networking tidbit without giving credit to its creator.
Did you see Zach's last tweet? It was much more clever than usual. I bet he totally sharked it.
by danimaltheanimal June 20, 2010
An attractive and flirtatious underage girl that is deceptive with her age.
"I was at this party on Sunday and everything was going good with this girl until my friend tipped me off that she was a shark! I almost got myself into some big trouble."
by Andrew Olsson October 04, 2007
To forcibly remove clothing of unsuspecting women and expose them publicly, then fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, someone else records the whole event discreetly.

This has been popularized by videos from Japan showing this.
"After I sharked her, she kept looking around for me while fixing her clothes back on."
by Daniel Ten October 24, 2006
one gram of marijuana
i got a shark lets smoke!
by staguitar September 05, 2011
Michael Fassbender
Wanna watch Michael Fassbender movies?

Nah, I don't like sharks
by bloodyfall95 August 02, 2011
A really ugly girl that looks like a shark and won't stop following you or your friend.
This shark would not leave liam alone today at practice.
by Broaly mamoth March 27, 2011
Sheffield basketball Team. Also known as the Sharksssssss, or da bad boy sharkz
Sharkz sink a 3 ball
by marv123 January 11, 2011

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