Short for Loanshark
One who lends money (usually illegally) and charges interest on the repayment, often removes parts of the body if payment is not returned.
Shit, I owe that shark 20 grand.
by eatshit May 14, 2005
to quickly eat a snack or meal; to commit a sudden and violent attack on an unsuspecting victim.
Dude, I could fucking shark a hotdog; or, 'fucking hell, that guy just got sharked!'
by vladimir putin May 04, 2012
v. to creep, lurk, or aggressively hit on someone or something
"This dude at the bar was totally sharking on me last night."

"Man, the mall is so full today, I had to shark for a parking spot."
by sharksonsharksonsharks May 28, 2012

A word used within the asexual community, it can mean 2 things:
a) It can be a greeting, usually used within the chatrooms.

b) It can be used as a slang term for asexuality, similar to and usually an alternative to ''ace''.

It had started of as a chatroom in-joke between a few members.

It had originated from ''Hai'' (LOLcatz speak), which was a common way of greeting newcomers to the forums, until it was discovered that ''Hai'' is the German word for Shark. And voila, the SHARKS where born. It is now an increasingly popular term within the online asexual community, which is usually typed in all caps.
''SHARK ATTACK'' is the common follow-up.
Asexual_one: Hi
Asexual_2: SHARK!
Asexual_free: SHARK ATTACK!!

''Yo Sharks''

''confused_newbie: So, do any of you aces have sex.
sharkin: No, I'm usually busy getting sharked''
by Eponymous pseudonym December 02, 2011
A bad ass killer who rips you open with his teeth and devours your guts.
yep this ones a serious one, i think we have a shark on our hands.......said officer ball breaker
by vegas girl June 15, 2010
to steal, bum, finagle, etc.
Quit sharkin' on my wawa.

This guy's trying to shark my gummies.

I totally just sharked these shoes off of my brother.
by pokeystix December 02, 2009
Sharks; adj;The act of benefiting yourself at someone elses despair.
Dawg, You're hella sharks for that one.
by DC Low October 03, 2009

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