This is a move when you have a woman on her hands and knees, doggie style. You put your hands together and make your way across the room, while humming the theme from Jaws. Then you cram all 8 fingers into her sloppy cunt.
It wasn't his cock that tore me up! That bastard sharked me!!!
by KarenT August 04, 2007
Someone who "bites" constantly, or consistently copies other rap artists' lyrics in a plagiaristic form.
Every time you hear Tyrone rap, he always bites off another rapper. He's a shark.
by TommyNoleFin August 25, 2007
A variation on the shocker, with the addition of a "fin" - the thumb, also known as the roamer, used to stroke the clitoris.
Once you shark, you never go back
by Ryan August 14, 2002
a crack fiend that walks around the neighborhood allnight looking on the ground for rocks
1) man did you see that shark pacing up and down the street last night
by Passion November 29, 2003
In the ocean's never ending war on humanity, sharks are kind of like the white blood cells. The ocean sends them to kill individual humans that have entered it's waters.
Sharks are basically water breathing death tubes armed with razor sharp teeth designed specifically for tearing human flesh. Truly one the ocean's most terrifying weapons.
Every shark wants nothing more than to kill people. To survive, we must take the same attitude towards them.
by Ocean Truth Society July 19, 2005
Creatures made of rubber that live in the ocean and like to EAT PEOPLE.
"Wow, this ocean water sure is nice."
-"Oh no, I see sharks, let's get out of here before they eat us!"
by mcbrightside February 11, 2010
everyones' new favorite way of expressing any emotion, by simply making a ><^>, it can mean sad, angry, depressed, happy, anything.
friend: you just missed the new south park
ry: SHARKS ><^>
><^> ><^>
ry: oh well it will be on for another 5 days in a row.
by ryryyrryyryr November 07, 2005
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