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This is a move when you have a woman on her hands and knees, doggie style. You put your hands together and make your way across the room, while humming the theme from Jaws. Then you cram all 8 fingers into her sloppy cunt.
It wasn't his cock that tore me up! That bastard sharked me!!!
by KarenT August 04, 2007
Is a girl who only dates Asian guys. Derived from the term 'Mud Shark.'
Man, that girl will never date you, she's a total shark.
by Carissa Marie February 09, 2009
To talk while one's opponent is attempting to make a shot in a game of pool, with the intention of distracting them or psychologically affecting their confidence so that they miss the shot. Applicable particularly to a game where there is a bet involved on the outcome. Sharking is considered an etiquette violation in friendly games, as well.
"I'm trying to concentrate here. Shut up and stop sharking me."
by Anne Haight March 19, 2008
A combination of the words 'sleek' and 'sharp'. Used to describe...well, things that are sleek and sharp, like a cool phone or watch. Can be used to describe most 007-ish gadgets.
Person 1: Dude, that new Chocolate phone is pretty shark.
Person 2: Yeah, you're right.
by Elvi January 02, 2008
One of those girls who would be hot, except they have an abnormally small upper lip and a strangely shaped jaw/mouth, making them closely resemble a shark.
Student #1: Holy shit, Have you seen Oksana or Amanda today? The sea lions better watch out.

Student #2: Why?

Student #1: Apparently you haven't seen the two great white sharks prowling around the halls.
by Bracket October 15, 2007
Sideburns that are cut above Earline in the shape of shark dorsal fin..
Check out the guy in the zumba pants his sharks are amazing..I bet he is a football coach.
by darthme&u March 22, 2009
Someone who "bites" constantly, or consistently copies other rap artists' lyrics in a plagiaristic form.
Every time you hear Tyrone rap, he always bites off another rapper. He's a shark.
by T-Mack August 25, 2007
A variation on the shocker, with the addition of a "fin" - the thumb, also known as the roamer, used to stroke the clitoris.
Once you shark, you never go back
by Ryan August 14, 2002