This is a move when you have a woman on her hands and knees, doggie style. You put your hands together and make your way across the room, while humming the theme from Jaws. Then you cram all 8 fingers into her sloppy cunt.
It wasn't his cock that tore me up! That bastard sharked me!!!
by KarenT August 04, 2007
Sharks - Brilliant. Everything else including Nazi's - Rubbish.
Child: Hey! That slide was brilliant.

Man: No, Child, Sharks are brilliant.
by CharltonTBurton September 04, 2011
The act of taking something without asking permission, though you may announce that you are doing so. Sometimes used to challenge someone to stop you, knowing that they will not.
I'm just gonna shark one of your Fritos over there... nom nom nom nom.
by Regentage January 18, 2010
one gram of marijuana
i got a shark lets smoke!
by staguitar September 05, 2011
A really ugly girl that looks like a shark and won't stop following you or your friend.
This shark would not leave liam alone today at practice.
by Broaly mamoth March 27, 2011
Verb: to shark, to frequently come close to a goal but never achieve that goal.
The San Jose Sharks sharked it again. They made it to the playoffs but didn't win the Stanley Cup.
by deadguppys March 23, 2011
Reposting a link, comment, status update, tweet, or other social networking tidbit without giving credit to its creator.
Did you see Zach's last tweet? It was much more clever than usual. I bet he totally sharked it.
by danimaltheanimal June 20, 2010
aquatic version of a cougar; also a cougar that tries to hook up with you at the beach.
damn look out for that shark, you mom wouldn't approve.
by supercalifradilisticexpiallydo March 01, 2010

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