This is a move when you have a woman on her hands and knees, doggie style. You put your hands together and make your way across the room, while humming the theme from Jaws. Then you cram all 8 fingers into her sloppy cunt.
It wasn't his cock that tore me up! That bastard sharked me!!!
by KarenT August 04, 2007
Sharks is the act of passionate sexy time between a couple. Its very rare to acheive and there have been few documented cases.
Alyson: Sex means nothing to me anymore... can we play sharks instead?

Sam: Lets only ever play sharks

Alyson: Good idea
by Chu...Chu....Chunky November 12, 2010
A bad ass killer who rips you open with his teeth and devours your guts.
yep this ones a serious one, i think we have a shark on our hands.......said officer ball breaker
by vegas girl June 15, 2010
The act of taking something without asking permission, though you may announce that you are doing so. Sometimes used to challenge someone to stop you, knowing that they will not.
I'm just gonna shark one of your Fritos over there... nom nom nom nom.
by Regentage January 18, 2010
Short for Loanshark
One who lends money (usually illegally) and charges interest on the repayment, often removes parts of the body if payment is not returned.
Shit, I owe that shark 20 grand.
by eatshit May 14, 2005
something bad ass
Yo, look at that delorian, that shit is shark.
Ninjas are shark.
by theopenmatt February 27, 2014
v. to creep, lurk, or aggressively hit on someone or something
"This dude at the bar was totally sharking on me last night."

"Man, the mall is so full today, I had to shark for a parking spot."
by sharksonsharksonsharks May 28, 2012
A big, sketchy sea-beast
That shark scared the shit out of me, it's a big sketchy sea-beast.
by bsb be-otch January 28, 2012

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