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noun -
1. an explicative used in dismay or surprise
2. an interogative word used when questioning a foolish happening
3. a last resort uttering when a ghastly event occurs
4. Translatable to Spanish
" Holy Shark tits! that alien mostly came at night...mostly"

" What the shark tits were you thinking?"

" Ooohhh Shark tits! They're dead"

"!Tetas de tiburones!"
by Saaad Panda April 23, 2006
71 13

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n. An album released by nsrrenard under the pseudonym Mayhem.
"Hey, did you hear sharktits is being released this November?"
by ThexTallxDude January 26, 2012
6 3
when somones nipples get so hard they cold cut glass
its so dam cold out that i have sharktits
by jamt96969669 December 07, 2010
7 4
In reference to "Great, White" American Breasts.
"Oh, boy! Look at those Shark Tits!!"
by tasteittwice November 10, 2011
7 11