Shh-arf: verb: 1. The act of crapping ones pants instead of releasing flatulence. 2. Leaving chocalate skid marks in ones briefs.
Dang it! I just sharfed my pants!
by fratty mcfrattington March 12, 2009
Top Definition
The feeling that you are barfing out your ass. Occurs frequently after a night of drinking and is usually followed up by dry heaving out your ass.
It sounded like Mary Ann was puking in the toilet, but apparently she was just sharfing.
by Casey Big Balls July 10, 2008
To have to both shit and barf at the same time.
"That guy is so fugly, he makes me want to sharf."
by hlbndr December 08, 2009
to shit and barf at the same time, a common symptom of the flu; a more crass version of shomit. A shart will sometimes preclude a sharf, so pray that a toilet is nearby.
"Homey, I have to lay off the Mexican food, especially the tequila shots. I spent all morning on the toilet sharfing my brains out!"

"Dude, you're a sharf monkey!"

"C'mon, don't make me laugh or I'll sharf all over you!"
by Johnny Blanco August 22, 2007
The act of soiling your pants while vomiting.
That meal was disgusting! I think I'm going to sharf!
by Travis Bagwell October 04, 2009
To shit and barf simultaneously. Usually done when something foul is ingested or when one has the flu and diharrea at the same time.
Oh shit! I just sharfed everywhere!
It smells like sharf in here!
Who the fuck sharfed in my bathroom!?
If you don't shut up im going to sharf in your bed and cover it up so you crawl in it and sharf in response.
by Kyle October 14, 2004
To consume feces and then vommit it back up after having partially digested it. Common in canines.
My friend's cocker spaniel sharfed on my carpet this morning. It was the foulest-smelling bodily fluid I've ever experienced.
by chuckhammer November 04, 2007
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