(adj) The act or willingess of sharing.
Distinct from generous by specifically implying an act of sharing rather than giving.
Dude, don't bogart the whole thing, be shareful.
by gpp7824 April 20, 2009
Top Definition
To share. To be kind and be sharing with anyone.
Robbie is shareful with his compliments when Amy comes to work with a new pair of shoes.
by Liquilife April 17, 2006
Adjective - To not be greedy or stingy with one's possessions; not to necessarily give one's possessions away, but to share them with others
"Willy Nelson was very shareful with his weed today... he got us all high!"

"I just wish Christian would be more shareful...I'm sick of watching him play games and get high while he pretends we're not here."
by SuperiorWarrior March 26, 2009
The art of being nice and giving to others a portion of what one has.
share sharing
ration cut part
portion allowance
Jerri is a very shareful person; she always gives a portion of her lunch to her coworkers.
by mactwisted October 09, 2009
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