the worst game ever made. worse than dr. jekell and mr. hyde, equinox, and even halo 3.
dude, this is the worst thing since shaq fu
by DaneBramaged July 22, 2008
Life-time obsession of King Edwards. Also wields countless imaginary sequels in King Edwards' inferior limbless mind.
Super Shaq Fu Turbo 13: The Battle that Destroyed the Universe

Super Shaq Fu Turbo 14: Rise from the Grave, Everyone Returns
by Number J May 26, 2005
stelth intentional and unlawful theft
Damn somebody Shaq-Fu'd my malt licquor
by Reyn Soul November 21, 2004
A term used to describe something sub-par.
That handjob Bill O'Reilly gave me was fucking shaq-fu.
by penguin fucker December 07, 2004
V - Proclamation of one's love of Shaquille O'Neal, often written or uttered by gay admirers of the star basketball player.
shaq fu

and,yes,that can be read 2 ways
by Ricky Williams August 10, 2004

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