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A general term used to express the rubbishness or shantiness of something.
Girl: I can't play badminton tomorrow, I've too much work.
Boy: Shantytown!

Boy: Shantytown! I've forgotten my train pass!

Girl: Aw shantytown, the train's late AGAIN.
by mkk December 24, 2005
1. a cluster of makeshift dwellings occupied by exceptionally poor people or vagrants

2. any dilapidated place
What's with the shantytown?
by The Return of Light Joker October 12, 2007
a slum settlement usually in third world countries that is generally poor and undeveloped. also a song from Desmond Dekker
shanty town, ghetto, poor, undeveloped, third world country,
by rootsreggaerespect March 06, 2011
A term to refer to a person that you are in close contact with, usually a best friend. It is used in jest, in silences, as an insult, or just as a random word.
Usually a geography 'joke'
Steve is a Shanty town. but I love him
by Modgenon May 03, 2007