An emotionless bitch that fucks with a guy's emotions and messes with his head. She leads him to believe that there might be a relationship between them, when he really never had a chance. She's usually the only girl hanging out with a group of guys.
damn, she is such a shanti
by steezeybro August 25, 2010
A girl who constantly wears short shorts, even when it is raining and freezing.
Damn that girl is a total Shanti.
by traquila March 01, 2008
Shanti can mean many things, here are some of the millions; yes, no, maybe, I don't know, Of course, 6 o'clock, door handle, foreskin, mine shaft, trap, why, maybe, could you repeat the question, dictionary, binary... there are many more.

It is pronounced Sh-ant-e

Sub-note: Shanti must not be mistaken for Shanto
Richmond: " What's up man?"
Dave: " Shanti, shanti" (In this case: not much, not much)

Geri: "What time you off to bed Rice?"
Rice: "Shanti, I think" (In this case: 12, I think)

Ollie: "I'm a stupid homo that no-one likes"
Grace: "Shanti, shanti" (In this case: True, true)
by Shanti Shanti Shanti July 19, 2010

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