Shantae is a loving girl. She cares for everyone and no matter what she does everyone will always love her. Everyone wants to be her bestfriend. Shantae is really cute. You might see a pretty girl walk by but once a SHANTAE! walks by, ALL eyes are on her. Shantae is a Jamaican. Shantae is a tall thick curvy bitchy baddass whom is ridiculously cute! Shantae is smart, she knows right from wrong & she knows when to be nice and when to be a bitch. A Shantae is mostly likely to be a Sagittarius. A Shantae knows how to throw down in the bed room and how to throw up out the bed room. You would wanna be a Shantae. You would wanna know a Shantae. If you dont know a Shantae, YOUR NOT THE WAVE!

"Everyone: I wish I was a Shantae!"
by ThatJamaican November 23, 2011
Top Definition
the most amazing girl in the world. she is capable of making you smile with just the sound of her voice. she will leave you speechless. and she can make you laugh at anything. she is mentally retarded but you cant help but love her. she is always there for you, and she never lets you down. she's incredibly beautiful and you won't know what to do without her.
shantae is my best friend. :)
by LAXXiTuP17 December 20, 2008
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