shants - those pants that have the zippers that turn them into shorts.
my, those are nice shants you have there.
by dudebrodd September 21, 2003
When you trip a male over on all fours and you punch his hanging ballsack as if it were a speedbag.
Shantel shanted Brando last night.
by Shanterrrrrrrrrrrr January 26, 2009
Shants are the emo version of pants. They are to short to be considered pants and to long be considered shorts, thus recieving the name shants. They are usually worn by emo kids during the winter months because their emo cult doesn't allow them to wear regular pants.
Oh man it's January and negative ten outside, I better wear some shants because im so cool I don't have to wear regular pants to stay warm.
by Eock February 01, 2007
One leg of the pants are short like shorts, and the other leg is normal. Shants
I have Shants, im Awesome
by The Misfits September 17, 2007
Pants which have holes in the knee. The leg is put through these holes instead of through the leg bottoms. This gives the effect of shorts in the front and pants in the back.
The shants were worn in the summer.
by The Shants Wearer's Girl September 17, 2007
A pair of shorts worn over sweatpants(think rocky balboa). Athough Shants were a popular choice among the fitness obsessed of the late seventees and early eightees, the undying gem of a fashion craze can more than likely be seen amoungst nyc hipsters.
That dude looks mad tight in those shants!-or-Sqeeze those glutes Tommy! Put those Shants to work!
by MandyRons November 25, 2004
A place, an area
All over the shant
by Simon Williams May 19, 2003
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