Contraction of "shall not".

Also spelled shan't.
I shall not buy milk.

I shant buy milk.
by Douggles February 03, 2010
a pair of pants(usually skinny jeans) cut around the knees to make into shorts
by LOL king 62 January 24, 2010
a shant is a guy who always has at least three girls after him at once.
That guy is such a pimp.

Naww man hes a shant
by nanana58965896 July 13, 2009
A term for pants that are too short to be pants, but too long to be shorts. They are those ugly Euro-style pants that come down over the knees but short of the ankles.

They are also called 'shants' because you SHAN'T WEAR THEM! They are hideous and not manly in the least.

They are all the rage in Europe.
JIMMY: "I went to Paris and everyone was wearing SHANTS! Isn't that lame?!"

BILL: "I don't know, man, my uncle loves to wear those. Ashton Kutcher does, too."
by McNizzle123 October 11, 2010
1. n Alcoholic drink.
2. a Shanted, Drunk.
Are you going out on the shant tonight? (i.e. are you going out on the beer?) He was completely shanted last night? (He was very drunk). I first came across this as student slang in the late 1980s. I used it in a novel 'Fishing for Angels', which was drafted in the early 1990s and published in 1997 by Interstate in a compilation of fiction (The Casino Kid, Roger Frederick ISBN: 1 871604 03 6).The main character goes for a pizza with a girl he's just met and after a mix-up over glass sizes they both consumer 4 pints of strong lager. In the text, it is used thus:

"By the time we'd finished our second tankards of Kronenberg, I have to say I was feeling pretty merry myself. Turtle was completely shanted."

A newspaper review at the time cited the novel as a prime example of the way literature was being dumbed down by the use of slang and inproper grammar. I was well made up! :-)

by Roger Frederick April 18, 2006
(1) An English contraction for "shall not." (2) A 4th century middle-eastern colloquial term for "a woman I cannot forget". (3) A common, laconic misspelling of a Vietnamese axiom meaning "stay strong."
I shan't forget, even after 13 years.
by urbandictionaryuser2013 December 17, 2012
Jeans or pants that have been cut into shorts for hot weather comfort, not to be confused with Jorts (Jean Shorts) which a person buys as is
"Dude, those shants are pretty hesh, I need to cut some,"
by Metalguitarist94 September 03, 2009

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