A full contraction of 'shall not', much better than shalln't and easier to vocalize. A word unto itself, it needs no ' between the n & t as text. (This is similar to dropping the extra n, from: can not, into its contraction: can't, or the possesive form of: it, which is not the contraction of: it is.) Some use may even imply can not, can't, will not or won't.
I shant allow my vote to go unused, nor thrown away.
by Slave2No1 February 03, 2011
Origin: Germanic
1. From the abbreviation "To shit your pants.
2. To blunder or err.

1. One who blunders or errs.
2. One who has shit their pants
also: shantsy, shantser

1. Describing a person who continuously blunders or errs a situation.

2. One who shantses a situation
1. Dude, that girl just shantsed in our basement!
2. You are totally shantsing this situation.

1. Yo, the girl just put her shants in your sink, bro.
2. Are we humans? Or are we shantsers?

1. The shantsing party was not fun at all.
2. That shants girl smells like shit now.
by The Shantser February 08, 2010
To short for pants, to long for shorts. Shants
Garrett wears shants cause is family is to poor to buy pants.
by Gary June 06, 2003
pants that are too short to be pants, but too long to be shorts.
"He's the only guy I know who can work shants."
by no nameee October 10, 2005
A garment of clothing that is not long enough to be pants and not short enough to be shorts.
Everyone looks dumb in shants.
by c5noone January 04, 2007
Contraction of "shall not".

Also spelled shan't.
I shall not buy milk.

I shant buy milk.
by Douggles February 03, 2010
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