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Shannon is great person, sweet girl unless you get on her bad side then she can be a dog ! But when she spends alot of time with someone a girl inpeticular she tends to stare very odlly like she want to be your lesbin lover !! for some that may be awesome, but for some it makes them uncomfortable and not want to be around her ! soo watch the way your shannon looks at you !
shannons are werid
15 98
The most sluttiest and fakest girl you will ever meet. She may be sweet at some points but if you really got to know her you will know that she is one dirty slut.
Girl 1: Hey are you friends with Shannon?

Girl 2: No she's a fake slut

Boy 1: Heard you had sex with Shannon
Boy 2: She's an easy slut
by Caroline W. August 14, 2013
5 15
The best friend you will ever have, you know it's going to be a good day if you have plans with her.
She's beautiful on the inside and out and she's likes to hear it every once and a while. You'll never get bored with her and she has self confidence like you've never seen before.

She's one of those rare people that are even more beautiful when they cry.
Life is always better with a Shannon around
by flavorsoffall November 24, 2011
28 38
A cool mother-fucker... Men want to be her and women want her.
That Shannon is one cool mother-fucker.
by WonderDyke August 15, 2011
30 45
A beautiful girl inside and out. Good listener, very sporty, and likes nature. She will always be there for you and be your friend when you need one. If you meet a green eyed shannon she will love you for you, and take care of you. When you meet a green eyed shannon don't let her pass you by you wont regret meeting her.
oh my god, i met a girl named shannon today, green eyes, loves sports, and nature, shes perfect for me im so glad i met her!
by sdavbsdljvk August 05, 2011
26 42
A beautiful girl inside and out. usually with medium brown hair and dark eyes. Very athletic and motivated to do her best at anything. Very competitive, will beat you in any arguement, but can make you feel like the awesomest person in the world. The best friend to have, loyal, trustworthy and fun to be around. She can obsess over older guys but can take heartbreak in stride. she will always be there for you and care for you.

Altogether the coolest person in the world
Whoa! Did you hear about Shannon's surgery?
No! we should bring the team to the hospital to see her! We can make her a huge get well card.

I love shannon, I would be so sad if something happened to her because then i would lose the awesomest friend ever!
by Orange Butter March 05, 2012
22 39
a shannon is a very down-to-earth chick. Easily pleased if you know her and her many different phases she ends up going through. Meaning she's a hard one for most to figure out. She gives hints and there are signs she gives without herself even realizing it. So if you KNOW her, you'll be fine! Stay away from her when it's that time of the month though (it's way obvious when that is!) she can be really feisty! But all-in-all Shannon has a pure heart of gold. Gets herself in trouble every once in a while then shuts the whole world down to her and her man, Phil. She comes back around when she's ready, but if you know her you know she'll always be there for you and she loves you!
"Dude, Shannon totally bit my head off on the phone then hung up on me!"
"Must be that time of the month again!"
by pacostacos2 August 21, 2011
20 39
One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.

Most are brunettes or redheads and have stunning green or blue eyes.
If you ever meet a green eye'd Shannon, she's usually short, she loves to have fun, she will always be there and will love you more than her heart can bear.

If you meet a blue eye'd Shannon, she's usually tall, she's shy, she will be a listener and mostly a sports player.
lets go hang with shannon, 'cause she is fun and pretty.
by LaLaLaLexiIsBeastYo March 24, 2011
47 66