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Mythical Animal- The shannon six or also known as "six" is a hybrid creature thought to have been created by the genetic fusion of the Genes of Tom Green and Conan O'brian. Some speculate that the "six" is a result of long term living in the Longmont and Loveland area, where, experts agree that the so called "six" currently roams in the northern portion of Colorado. The "six" is often spotted by tourists and hunters. When caught off gaurd the "six" is know to point and yell, run around pantless, hide peoples remote controls and left shoes, quote lines from aliens or Conan the barbarian. If one ever sees the Shannon Six it is wise to simply nod your head and back away to the nearest exit.
At first I thought I was looking at a man but then I realized it was in fact the Six!
by KungFu April 01, 2005
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