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sexiest girl ever
"that girl, she's so shannel"
by shabalan August 22, 2008
Usually a skanky girl. sleeps with anyone. Attractive but opens to anyone.Has had an std or two in her day.
Dont be a shannel.
by wigglesen January 21, 2010
most ghetto girl in town the town of lebanon virginia, united states.

She will be running for president of Africa in the year 2027.

She is also known as the first mate of the pirate ship named "Miss Octavious Jr.". This ship has not been made yet but soon will be in the next year or so. Please submitt your donations to help us build this at visit this web page This woman is a savage unregistered sex offender who has plans to kidnap mr. Tom Cruise and force him to marry her. She also thinks she is black because her name is somewhat "AfroAmerican" she be da whitest cracka ass in all the 67 seas. what a sick, sick nazi.
Tom Cruise: "OMG its SHANNEL!!!! SAVE ME!!!"

Shannel White: "Dakota Fanning is a whore! i should have stared in war of the worlds with you! now hold still so i can touch you"

Tom: "will it..... hurt??"

Shannel: "yeh but no more than a tickle, but less then a pinch"

Tom: "oh goody because i thought that......

Shannel: "*knocks tom out* yay! now he cant escape!!"
by beat dazzler May 30, 2009

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