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A true friend who is shy with others but very outspoken when she with her friends, a ride or die friend that will always be there for you in the end even if she was mad at you. The best friend yuh culd ever have
I love my shanna she the best
by karina j February 28, 2009
A mind-blowingly amazing girl who is so different from others. She's beautiful, smart, funny, caring and sweet. She's not afraid to do something outdoors where she might break a nail. Her looks are without compare, and her body is one that other girls would kill to have. She'll make whoever she is with the happiest person they can be, and any time spent with her is time that is not wasted. She's a person that everyone should know, but a person that not everyone deserves to know. Anyone that knows her loves her, and girls that know her secretly wish to be her.
"Man, I wish that girl was more like a Shanna."

"If only I was with a Shanna, I'd be happy."

"I think the only kind of girl that could make me happy is a Shanna."

"Why won't any Shanna's like me?"

"Leave me alone! I'm trying to think of techniques to pick up Shanna's at the beach."

"If I was stuck on a ship near an island in Texas, I'd want to be with a Shanna."
by Important Knowledge October 26, 2011
The best friend you could ask for. She's so amazing that it doesn't even matter whether she just wants to be friends or more. She's beautiful in everyway, but doubts her self often which heartbreaking, because she truely is perfect. Being around her is the best feeling ever, you cant get enough of it. When she leaves you miss her every second of the day.
Wow this girl is such a shanna, I love it!
by I Wish You Could Know August 22, 2011
Beautiful , sexy , gorgeous && perfect !! shes the best friend you could ever have , she'll never judge you whatsoever ! even though she flirts with many guys , she's able to do that because all the guys fall for her ! she is soo funny & she'll always brighten up your day , any guy would be lucky to have a shanna , & any girl would be lucky to have shanna as a best friend like Rainey ! a shanna is intuitive&curious , shes just perfect . everyone loves her !
DAMN !! she looks like a shanna !

-i know i wanna tap that !

definitley , shes pefect !
by winterstormyrainey September 12, 2011

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