Screwing. Comes from the fact a pecker is a shank.
I was shanking that babe I met in a bar the other night.
by Tom LaBelle September 15, 2004
the practice of excreting and masturbating simultaneously
"Excuse me waiter, could you please prepare my bill - I have a busy evening of shanking planned"
by JDL1234567890 June 21, 2005
Willing to suck a penis for a Cup of Coffee....AKA Jack Norby
Jack's least favorite part of the coffee addiction is the constant shanking.
by UnknownTruth March 13, 2004
1.To go somewhere by means of walking.

2.Or to shag repeatedly (You decide)
Sam: Shanking to the lake today?
Mary: Ye man. I'm up for it if you are!

Sam: Wunna shank up the lake today?
Mary: Umm na man.. I have standards!
by Fougere June 08, 2007
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