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Willing to suck a penis for a Cup of Coffee....AKA Jack Norby
Jack's least favorite part of the coffee addiction is the constant shanking.
by UnknownTruth March 13, 2004
The act of stabbing someone with a shank. Comes from the word shank which is a crude knife usually made in prison, a homemade knife-like weapon usually made from a spoon.
You better watch out or else he'll be shanking you.
by N/A December 13, 2003
Think crowbars and pain.
"imma shank yo ass'

"If you try that with me again, I'll give you a good shanking."
by Gemgems101 June 04, 2012
The act of masturbating, or wanking, whilst at the same time having a shower.
Man have you been shanking our shower? The floors getting sticky.

I always make sure i have a shank before a night out.
by James Ryder May 18, 2011
The act of angry masturbation, with a motion similar to stabbing someone in the stomach.
Damn, dude. You're shaking. Maybe you need a good shanking.
by crunch86 October 27, 2010
This an an act in which a male or female, whilst having a shit in the toilet, then decides to have a wank. This, therefore, bring us to the word shank. A shit and a wank at the same time.
When on holiday with friends, i walked in on my friend having a shit but his cock was in his hands and he was jerking profusely, at which point i said, "aww, man stop shanking, this is our bathroom aswell"
by Rashed, J October 18, 2006
A mix of shagging and spanking.
Dude, Me and Katie were shanking all night !
by Dummerica May 05, 2008
To be nervous over a result of some sort.
Im total shanking here.

Shank my josh man.
by shankingwithexcitement January 27, 2009