a primary sore or ulcer at the site of entry of a pathogen; the initial lesion of syphilis
also spelled chancre
Ewwww! You've got shankers on yer johnson!
by mandingoe July 16, 2003
used to be a slut, whore but now shes a braceface so she can't fuck anyone or give head to anyone- and shes still an annoying, grumpy bitch
whore of the north shore
shanker the skank, north shore slut
by shankerhater November 10, 2007
ordinary tool used as a weapon, mainly used in prison
pass me my shanker so i can cut this fool
by Tical January 26, 2004
a man that has the great ability to shank. Shanks many people for money.
look its a shanker, hes so cool shanking people
by Johnny Cracker February 11, 2015
a person who is addicted to crack cocaine
That kid Mike is such a Shanker!
by Jonny February 20, 2005
Pronoun - An alternate way of spelling the Hindu "destroyer" god, Shiv Shankar. See Shankar.
The great Shiv Shanker is the destroyer of all life.
by Vikaas April 08, 2006
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