jack sucking whore who has acute neck hair problem. often found in the alps or in mildly cold areas.
dude did you see that shank in the woods?
by ms+am August 10, 2008
to stab with a knife
man am i gonna shank that jackie when i see her!
by natalie n May 14, 2008
(v.) the act of stabbing a person with a shiv( a non-metallic weapon; a sharpened toothbrush, a slice of old bread, a shard of glass, cracker jack box, human or animal bone, a plastic letter opener, half of a contact lens, two straws taped together, bic pen, dirty depends.) or a shank (a metallic weapon; can of spinach, metal lamp shade, tac, metal letter opener)
dwight d eisenhower was shanked in the lower thigh 10 times and in the upper abdomen 3 times.
by dustinstewart May 14, 2008
To stab somebody usually with a ghetto blade in a dark alley or prison.
Nigga don't make me shank you, you done drank the rest of my grape kool-aid and your wearing my fucking du-rag.
by Britnasty April 24, 2008
To stab Someone Fast and or Repeatedly, Usually with a homemade knife/weapon known as a SHIV! A shiv is a weapon generally found in Jails.
COmmonShivs: Sharpend Toothbrush, Chicken Bone, Metal fastened to a stick, Screwdriver.
Hey, Dont make me SHANK you with my Chicken Shiv!
by Ty G March 27, 2008
A shank is commonly known as a knife which can be of any size, design or metal. The word is used by mostly teenagers instead of using the word knife.
'touch my sister again an ill SHANK you blad'
by medz March 22, 2008
stabbing motion.
used as a handshake for middle schoolers.
Fun to do, without knives.
Shank Shank!!

by ihavefriendsdou February 25, 2008

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