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V. The act of discreetly, and intentionally stabbing someone in the lower back or abdomen with a small knife.
"damn, that nigga got shanked"

"Imma shank that mafucka and take his mafuckin wallet"
by barberino June 12, 2005
1) (noun) An object that, while not necessarily originally intended as a weapon (and otherwise bears no resemblance), is used as one. A steak knife, for instance, would not be a shank (and is, as well, a poor ad hoc choice for a weapon), but a screwdriver, heavy duty flashlight, or socket wrench would be.

Origin unknown, but I think it has something to do with home made knives. See also shiv.

2) (verb) To use a shank. (Shanked, past tense)
Jorge was shanked with a screwdriver by Miguel when he failed to pass on his protection money.
by ke6isf May 20, 2005
To walk up behind someone and pull their pants down by surprise, usually exposing their underwear or genitalia.
Guy 1- "yo man, did you hear what happened to Grace?"
Guy 2- "nah, what?
Guy 1- "Cara shanked her! Now everybody knows she wears red underwear!"
by Al-Tazey December 06, 2010
pretty much another word for fuck
what the shank!!

i shanked her like 7 times!
by mikey maggot October 21, 2008
the act of taking a shit and having a wank at the same time
man i was having a pull on the toilet last night and i really needed to empty my bowels so i just had a shank
by poida234 October 21, 2008
a combination of masturbating while taking a shit
Shiting and Wanking
I just caught Fred shanking to a cosmo mag

ooh dam i just put some cream on the chocolate pie
by Shoe Boot August 24, 2008
jack sucking whore who has acute neck hair problem. often found in the alps or in mildly cold areas.
dude did you see that shank in the woods?
by ms+am August 10, 2008