jack sucking whore who has acute neck hair problem. often found in the alps or in mildly cold areas.
dude did you see that shank in the woods?
by ms+am August 10, 2008
to have a wank whilst having a shit
ben are u having a shank? cos i can hear u slapping and it smells like shit.
by schmena July 10, 2008
To stab or slice someone
I got shanked the other day and have a scar
by Lil Q June 13, 2008
to stab with a knife
man am i gonna shank that jackie when i see her!
by natalie n May 14, 2008
(v.) the act of stabbing a person with a shiv( a non-metallic weapon; a sharpened toothbrush, a slice of old bread, a shard of glass, cracker jack box, human or animal bone, a plastic letter opener, half of a contact lens, two straws taped together, bic pen, dirty depends.) or a shank (a metallic weapon; can of spinach, metal lamp shade, tac, metal letter opener)
dwight d eisenhower was shanked in the lower thigh 10 times and in the upper abdomen 3 times.
by dustinstewart May 14, 2008
To stab somebody usually with a ghetto blade in a dark alley or prison.
Nigga don't make me shank you, you done drank the rest of my grape kool-aid and your wearing my fucking du-rag.
by Britnasty April 24, 2008
To stab Someone Fast and or Repeatedly, Usually with a homemade knife/weapon known as a SHIV! A shiv is a weapon generally found in Jails.
COmmonShivs: Sharpend Toothbrush, Chicken Bone, Metal fastened to a stick, Screwdriver.
Hey, Dont make me SHANK you with my Chicken Shiv!
by Ty G March 27, 2008
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