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to shit and wank at the same time
dude im off for a shank
by mr ravey crazy dave shady November 27, 2005
Someone you really like, yet you know are scank, yet strangely, addictively shaggable!

Made of two words - scank and shag.
Shank = Scank/Shag
AMY: Yo, dat guy is just gross!
DEMoNSCRoWN: Hey, I think he's fit!
AMY: Ya wot?
DEMoNSCROWN: He's shank!
by DEMoNSCRoWN September 26, 2005
A colaaambian word meaning to thieve something from an unsuspecting person.
We SHANKED some toilet paper from Chile and they chased us.
by Jeb n Fiest February 28, 2005
A gay teacher who also cheats at golf. One who fails to download porn properly from the internet
"Sorry girls, I'm gay. I do have a great golf handicap though (lying shanks). Shit, how the fuck does this computer work? It's got 2 million fucking viruses!!!!"
by lord nobcheese August 25, 2006
A dumbass retard that is drunk.
That shank tried to jump me.
by C.Lo May 08, 2005
the tang of a hoe
i was rakin' taters and i broke mah shank...
by evil September 06, 2003
seduce someone
imma shank you in bed tonight
by Lexi April 19, 2003