somone who finds a way to tear away at the foundations of a person until they want to kill the shanks, usually by coming up with gay nicknames or by being a dick. usually starts off conflicts rather then keeping them going. finds the weak person of the night, and exploits them, making it impossible to try to go against him. see Hitler.
person 1: hey guys, i sure am hungry.
shanks : wow NO WAY !!! mr. meal mr. mealalalala!!
person 1 : shanks, whats it like to kiss men?
person 2 :spadaro yeah, seriusly shanks, shut up.
shanks: wow, spadaro, whats it like to kiss men? rah!!
person 1 and 2: wow....
by spadaro May 14, 2007
To draw a penis on. Usually done by preps trying to be "cool."
They just called me gay, but I saw them shanking someone's planner yesterday.
by caliginouschild March 16, 2004
to shit and wank at the same time
dude im off for a shank
by mr ravey crazy dave shady November 27, 2005
Someone you really like, yet you know are scank, yet strangely, addictively shaggable!

Made of two words - scank and shag.
Shank = Scank/Shag
AMY: Yo, dat guy is just gross!
DEMoNSCRoWN: Hey, I think he's fit!
AMY: Ya wot?
DEMoNSCROWN: He's shank!
by DEMoNSCRoWN September 26, 2005
A colaaambian word meaning to thieve something from an unsuspecting person.
We SHANKED some toilet paper from Chile and they chased us.
by Jeb n Fiest February 28, 2005
A gay teacher who also cheats at golf. One who fails to download porn properly from the internet
"Sorry girls, I'm gay. I do have a great golf handicap though (lying shanks). Shit, how the fuck does this computer work? It's got 2 million fucking viruses!!!!"
by lord nobcheese August 25, 2006
A dumbass retard that is drunk.
That shank tried to jump me.
by C.Lo May 08, 2005

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