to get your pants pulled down unexpectedly in front of others
Damn man, I heard you got shanked the other day. All the chicks are saying you got a small dick.
by bakerd812 April 09, 2004
th process of partaking in a 'wank' whilst sat on the toilet, having a shit.
I can't wait to have a shank when I get home from work
by burns November 17, 2003
To run up to someone and rip down their pants leaving their boxer shorts showing.

To mess something up.
Shit you shank that one hey!
by Simon March 07, 2005
realy crappy weed that comes in a brick and has seeds in it.
my mom has shank
by julia December 10, 2002
to steal something from someone's house, to have sex with your boy's girlfriend,
I shanked this cd from that kid's house. I shanked Tony by fucking Veronica.
by Damis January 14, 2003
To pants someone. ie: to pull down their pants.
Jeffrey: What does shank mean?
Clever: I think it means to pants someone!
Jeffrey: OH yeah, i totally saw his boxers.
by gooberkins October 21, 2009
Shank is a slut or something very dirty.
"That girl is such shank, I don't know why he's still dating her"

"This car is such shank, it won't even start"
by b.o.n.e July 10, 2005

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