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to grab and twist someones nuts clean out of the sack.
please doc dont shank me im still young
by shanks are us November 20, 2003
4 14
to kill
I shanked that nigga dead
by KuKluxKlan September 05, 2003
35 45
To pants someone. ie: to pull down their pants.
Jeffrey: What does shank mean?
Clever: I think it means to pants someone!
Jeffrey: OH yeah, i totally saw his boxers.
by gooberkins October 21, 2009
9 20
To Have Sex with another person
I shanked him/her last night

Want to shank?

I was shanking him/her all night
by Rach? October 10, 2005
22 33
sort of a synonym for the word shit. it can take on more meanings though such as "not cool" and "stupid"
<NAME> is such a shank head! no one likes him/her.
by what?!?! July 13, 2005
9 20
to walk behind someone and pull down their pants
OMG! She just shanked me!! *thong is visible while pants are around ankles*
by Brittany April 17, 2005
22 33
1. Dry, flaky, poor-quality marijuana, usually with seeds and stems.

2. Anything which is of extremely poor quality, poorly make, an expired prodouct.
1. I need water! This is some goddamn shank weed. Augh, my throat.

2. This is one shank-ass van, look at that rust hole in the floor-board!
by the pope June 08, 2004
2 13