the act of hurting/yelling/getting in trouble/beating up/inflicting pain to someone
"i slept in late; my work is going to shank me!"

"you deserve a shanking!"
by 4llison December 22, 2004
used in a threat or joking situation
I'll shank your ass!
by Trisha September 23, 2004
To make a major mistake or screw-up.
Ray Finkel shanked the field goal attempt, and the Dolphins lost the Super Bowl.
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
to stab someone and then rape the wound
i'm gonna shank you!
by suckerfoo February 17, 2004
to grab and twist someones nuts clean out of the sack.
please doc dont shank me im still young
by shanks are us November 20, 2003
to kill
I shanked that nigga dead
by KuKluxKlan September 05, 2003
To Have Sex with another person
I shanked him/her last night

Want to shank?

I was shanking him/her all night
by Rach? October 10, 2005
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