to fuck; shag
shut up or i'll go over there and shank your brains out
by MaggieTHErad February 29, 2004
human leg; part of the leg between the knee and the foot;section of meat cut from the leg of certain animals;
long narrow part of something (such as a nail, pin, etc.)
by anjali December 09, 2003
To pull down someone's pants. (Used mostly in and around Maryland)
He got shanked at the pool party and everyone saw!
#pull #down #pants #shank #funny
by BmoreHasFunnySlang August 19, 2006
To go to the toilet, in particular, a shit, and have a wank as well
"i've just had the best shank ever bob!"
#shit #wank #best #toilet #go
by Damo Williams April 19, 2006
an ugly whore who steals boyfriends
that girl who hooked up with my boyfriend last night that katie did not try and prevent reminds me of shank.
#slut #shank #amanda #whore #beast
by lkdjhlfkda November 06, 2005
Extremely low quality marijuana. Known to cause an intense burning in the throat and lungs with a relatively weak psychoactive effect.

The opposite of dank.

See also bammer.
Bill, Claire and that guy that everyone calls The Eagle were smoking up with that stuff that Hesher Roy sold them. Shit was hella shank.
by Teh Pope March 07, 2005
the act of hurting/yelling/getting in trouble/beating up/inflicting pain to someone
"i slept in late; my work is going to shank me!"

"you deserve a shanking!"
by 4llison December 22, 2004
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