to stab someone between their lower ribs and pop their ribs out
I tried to shank that bitch but her titty got stuck
by zeke michael May 06, 2005
A SHit wANK :- The combination of having a shit, and a wank at the same time. Some have argued it to be a 'SHower wANK' but this is not the case as that is an old skool shank.
Jarrell: "Yall, this party is shiit u know, fucky, I'm gonna shank on their parents bed"

Alfie: "Seeeen"
by Jay Jay Okocha May 05, 2007
To go up behind a person, and pull down their pants, shorts, skirt, etc. Usually followed by large amounts of laughter.
I shanked this idiot at school. His pants were around his ankles.
by joe66 August 21, 2005
n. Shank Hall in Milwaukee based on Shank Hall from Spinal Tap; v. can be used in many ways, mostly as an exclamation, see below. Also associated with Gold Stars.
n. Let's go see the Umph at Shank Hall in Milwaukee! v. Shank you; Shankariffic; Shanktastic; Shankadelic; shankabulous.
by Evil Genius June 04, 2004
(noun)Dick; penis; cock; hard on; man tool.
Good morning, Honey. Will you suck on my shank again?
by Ray March 04, 2004
to screw someone over,getting screwed over,getting cuttoff,beat to, not getting invited somewhere, to steal,
cutting off a vechile on the highway, stealing from someone, having sex with your friends girlfriend, not being invited to a party, getting shut down by a girl,
by (shangk) January 14, 2003
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