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1. A sharp object or knife,
2. To stab.
1. He has a shank in his school bag.
2. "I'm going to shank you if you dont give me your phone".
by ReKoN December 07, 2007
This is a combination of the words shit and wank. As suggested it is when a person has a wank and as they are about to cum they have a shit, this can give a mega orgasm!!!
Jimmy wanted more thank a simple wank so he had a shank and fuck me what a good shank it was.
by johnzaqxsw May 18, 2007
thanks, minus the t, and plus an s.
"ZOMFG, last night when you ninja'd me and then i got omicroned? that was amazing."
"I know right. Shanks."
by k. pizzle June 21, 2006
To covet or steal ones goods
Dude i totally shanked that dudes beer hahaha!
by mklizzle March 19, 2006
to stab someone between their lower ribs and pop their ribs out
I tried to shank that bitch but her titty got stuck
by zeke michael May 06, 2005
A SHit wANK :- The combination of having a shit, and a wank at the same time. Some have argued it to be a 'SHower wANK' but this is not the case as that is an old skool shank.
Jarrell: "Yall, this party is shiit u know, fucky, I'm gonna shank on their parents bed"

Alfie: "Seeeen"
by Jay Jay Okocha May 05, 2007
To go up behind a person, and pull down their pants, shorts, skirt, etc. Usually followed by large amounts of laughter.
I shanked this idiot at school. His pants were around his ankles.
by joe66 August 21, 2005