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A type of giant wooden boats used in ancient Africa that acted as a war ship, usually armed with large bastilion like artillery.
The shank hio'g dimosh (the great push) was recovered from the bottom of the sea in 1992 and was dated back to the 900's.
by ichhoremusik November 29, 2005
the act of pulling someones pants down. duhh
nick descided to shank big willy in gym class..ahaa sry nick!<3
by eisha October 16, 2005
Hebrew slang for transsexual man or woman, it is only used as a noun. The etymological origin of the word is descendent from a famous German Jewish Icon called Shankovich. He was an urban legend among the oppressed Jewish community in Munich under the Hitlerian Regime starting from 1938. Thus the Shank was applauded by his Jewish family members and community he was kidnapped by the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH). The young man had been traumatized by the violence of the rapes he suffered from the members of the Hitlerian entourage. This distress leads the Shank into performing on himself a castration ceremony that was followed by a surgical procedure of sexual change. Sadly the word Shank is now used with a very negative connotation as it describes in Hebrew either a man who suffered from carnal anal acts with no consent, a man who lost his virility or simply a transsexual person.
1)"You are such a Shank."- insult
2) "Don’t call me Shank, I’m sorry that you couldn’t accept the new me; I am a woman now and I’m proud."- Claim
3) "Yesterday I saw a Shank in front of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, a very horrible and disturbing image."- Gossip
by first-class-citizen April 27, 2010
a shank is a homemade device resembling a knife. You can fashion a shank out of many things, most commonly: glass shards

to shank someone means to stab them with a shank. Derived from prisons as inmates would make shanks by sharpening spoons or using a piece of broken glass and wrapping half with duct tape for a handle.
"Did you see that guys shank? He keeps it tucked in his sock."

"He shanked that mo-fo good!"
by Sheynk January 03, 2010
This can be an action in a sport, preferably soccer, when you totally screw up a kick or pass.
I took a shot and ended up shanking the ball miserably.
by ShankmasterD March 30, 2009
A knife
Also known as:
Shank in my pocket
by ilika balls February 01, 2009
A hybrid word derived from "wank" and "shit", meaning to shit and polish the monkey whilst doing so.
I hate a great shank this morning. Cleaned out the pipes.
by Ollie January 03, 2009