To misspass a volleyball in such a way that if can't be played by your teammate
Coach: Damn, ima take Dan out, he's been shanking passes all day!
#mispass #shag #serve receive #posture #platform
by Victor Chen June 10, 2007
A Home Made Knife made out of Metal. Not to be Confused with a Shiv (A home made knife made of anything BUT metal)

Skanks are usually made out of Spoons, Screw Drivers, or just pieces of Scrap Metal.

Shanked- To get Stabbed by a shank.
"I'm gonna take my Shank and gut that Racest Bastard on Cell Block C"
#shiv #shanked #shived #stab #prison
by Immortal-Jake May 03, 2006
To ignore, not pay attention, to diss. One can be shanked via eye contact, phone call, meeting, etc. Say your walking down the hallway in school and up ahead is your buddy who you really don't want to talk to. As he approaches, you keep looking straight ahead and ignore him. That kid just got shanked hardcore. You can also verbally shank by ignoring any question thats asked.
1. Bob recieves a phone call from his girlfiend Melissa. He is out with his boys drinking. He hits the ignore button on his phone... That bitch just got shanked!

Shanking possibilities are unlimited!!
#ignore #diss #neglect #avoid #cold-shoulder #reject
by February 18, 2006
A type of giant wooden boats used in ancient Africa that acted as a war ship, usually armed with large bastilion like artillery.
The shank hio'g dimosh (the great push) was recovered from the bottom of the sea in 1992 and was dated back to the 900's.
#noodles #bastilion #warship #shotgun #barbies
by ichhoremusik November 29, 2005
the act of pulling someones pants down. duhh
nick descided to shank big willy in gym class..ahaa sry nick!<3
#shanked #shanking #pants #pantsed #pantsing
by eisha October 16, 2005
a shank is a homemade device resembling a knife. You can fashion a shank out of many things, most commonly: glass shards

to shank someone means to stab them with a shank. Derived from prisons as inmates would make shanks by sharpening spoons or using a piece of broken glass and wrapping half with duct tape for a handle.
"Did you see that guys shank? He keeps it tucked in his sock."

"He shanked that mo-fo good!"
#stab #injure #knife #weapon #prison #d.i.y.
by Sheynk January 03, 2010
This can be an action in a sport, preferably soccer, when you totally screw up a kick or pass.
I took a shot and ended up shanking the ball miserably.
#shanked #failed #loser #ball #soccer
by The Master Gregger March 30, 2009
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