To shank
1-To mishit (in sport)
2-To crap something up e.g. a relationship
1-Damn! I shanked that last shot!
2-I really shanked what we had going on, didn't I?
by Tomas-N October 25, 2007
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slang word to stab with an object
I went to the parking lot to shank a nigga.
by nicknack22 February 21, 2007
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To shank: used in olden times as well as now, eecept in old times it was when assasinating some one... anyway. its to stab with a home made knife and breaking the blade off so it becomes stuck
king bill was shanked;
Joe the bruiser shanked the snitch
by knify McKnifester April 20, 2004
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1. hot gay sunday morning sex

2. thank
1. gay guy #1: i want to shank you
gay guy #2: oh baby

2. girl #1: shank you
boy #1: np
by xStenx May 31, 2007
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To go for a shit and get so bored you end up masturbating
"God i was on the toilet for so long yesterday i ended up having a shank"

"You were in the toilet for a very long time, were you shanking?"
by 3dd0 March 08, 2009
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stabby stabby.: to stab someone.;ex.stab someone in the back.;
hurt,kick, major, ass,in, the, back

i will shank yo bitch ass.
by mandy _752@hotmail.com December 02, 2006
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a shank is a homemade device resembling a knife. You can fashion a shank out of many things, most commonly: glass shards

to shank someone means to stab them with a shank. Derived from prisons as inmates would make shanks by sharpening spoons or using a piece of broken glass and wrapping half with duct tape for a handle.
"Did you see that guys shank? He keeps it tucked in his sock."

"He shanked that mo-fo good!"
by Sheynk January 03, 2010
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