1. to have intenst sexual intercourse with someone that you admire (i.e. "Daammnn he was lookin so right, I wanted to shank him like crazy")

2. to want to hurt/kill someone in a brutal fashion (i.e. "If he talks to me one more time, I will shank his ass!!"
the best word ever invented
by *Daron's Baklava* November 12, 2003
to stab someone with a pen, comb, or finger in the kidney area, usally done by goat
dammit goat, if you shanm me one more time, im gonna kill you
by Dr. X October 11, 2003
to poke vigorusly with a home/prison made knife
This fool didnt give me his corn bread so i shanked that nigga on the yard.
by Chris Murphy September 04, 2003
to stab someone in the mid-section with a filed end of a tooth brush
"Dat nigga tried to creep so I had to shank that motherfucka!"
by 301 Gangsta Krew April 10, 2003
When a boy/girl gets lonely. Two things involved, Shower and Wank. Alone they are harmless, but when combined the most godly explosion of the nether-regions takes place - The Shank!!
brb, im going for a shank
holy crap that shank has drained me
by TheShankGuyLucas March 14, 2010
"Shh - ayne - k"

- adjective

1. Bieng a person of impulsive ambition without regard to fear or consequence.

2. Bieng a person with extordany abilty in verbally coercing the opposite sex into mutual copulation.
Exmpl. 1: " Bub, did you see that? Josh just KTFO'd that supervisor. He is so damn SHANK. "

Exmpl. 2: " I was really attempting to wait until I got married before having sex, but Josh is just so SHANK I couldnt resist. "
by Hauhsoj Wahs February 03, 2010
n.; a sharp object used to poke or jab people
v.; to poke or jab someone with a sharp object
Don't make me shank you with my shank!
by UpToNoGood42 January 05, 2010
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