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to sneak behind somebody and pull down their pants. synonyms: pants
I shanked this guy at school to day and he was free ballin!
by CJLin November 16, 2005
shank is a home made knife,the name has been adapted to the streets as any kind of knife that u are gonna shank someone wid!!(IG3)
oi i told that boi to sekkle and step from the canvas befor i pull out my shank and bores him up blad!
by strouder April 15, 2005
To stab someone and twist the blade while its still inside them. Used in the military Special Ops to kill someone quickly
Bob shanked phil and killed him instantly
by Jim May 24, 2004
1. to have intenst sexual intercourse with someone that you admire (i.e. "Daammnn he was lookin so right, I wanted to shank him like crazy")

2. to want to hurt/kill someone in a brutal fashion (i.e. "If he talks to me one more time, I will shank his ass!!"
the best word ever invented
by *Daron's Baklava* November 12, 2003
to stab someone with a pen, comb, or finger in the kidney area, usally done by goat
dammit goat, if you shanm me one more time, im gonna kill you
by Dr. X October 11, 2003
to poke vigorusly with a home/prison made knife
This fool didnt give me his corn bread so i shanked that nigga on the yard.
by Chris Murphy September 04, 2003
to stab someone in the mid-section with a filed end of a tooth brush
"Dat nigga tried to creep so I had to shank that motherfucka!"
by 301 Gangsta Krew April 10, 2003