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1. to steal something from an unsuspecting person
2. the word yelled in the act of shanking
1. "I totally shanked Aaron's chair when he got up to grab a coke"
2. "Shank! I just stole your burrito."
by Jimmy32690 August 28, 2007
Replacement for the term, STAB, which means 'Same Type Attack Bonus' in the Pokemon. Shank gives a 1.5x damage increase if the move used is of the same type as the user.

Also Pseudo-Shank, which refers the same 1.5x damage increase using an item, such as Choice Specs.
"Damn Rain Dance. Starmie Hydro Pumped and shanked me for 2.0x damage."
by Spore Puncher August 10, 2007
The Pure definition of shank is somebody getting stabbed violently by a homemade knife, these knives are often used in jail to carry out gang orders. The homemade knife is usually made with some kind of scrap metal such as a flattened soup can and usually part of a torn cloth for a handle.
Yo my nigga got shanked last night
by L Robb March 26, 2007
slang word to stab with an object
I went to the parking lot to shank a nigga.
by nicknack22 February 21, 2007
shank when properly applied, can be used as a replacement for any previously known swear words, including all 9 sailor words
I'm gonna shank you up mother shanker!
Hey lets go behind jubilee and shank all night long.
by schmiddynick February 12, 2007
An act which is devoid of physical contact but performed as a means of hurting another via implications derived from material that was written, coordinated or said in such a manner as to directly mean one thing but understood by the targeted party as an act to inflict pain mentally or emotionally.
Dude! You really shanked that Beefalo by playing AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Of Rosie" then following it up with Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" on the jukebox.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
Home made weapon usually made from sharpened glass or scrap metal with a cloth or material covering the bottom to create a handle. Is made from something not already threatening. sometimes made from wood which is usually a stake but still considered a shank.
'ill bomb ya lips off if ya dont start respecting my shank, ya get me blood'
by deardon September 10, 2006