A combination of the two most pleasurable feelings. A good shit. And a good wank.

A shank, by definition, is when the two above sensations culminate in a single toilet sitting. In this scenario, toilet paper serves a dual purpose. The ultimate, or true definition of a shank is when climax and release of feces is simultaneous.
I saved time this morning by having a shank.

"Dude, did you go to the toilet and have a shank? You look relieved!"

"That was amazing, I just had a shank! I love having a number 2 and a number 3 at the same time!"

by thecurlybrothers July 12, 2008
A shank is a 'shitty wank'

a shit while having a wank
rob was having a browse of the world of internet pornography, but without warning he desperately needed a shit.

in his haste to run to the toilet he still had an erect penis, from the images he had just witnessed.

he squatted and urged out his a turd, while popping one off.

shank = shit + wank
by bedmaster July 10, 2008
having a shit and a wank at the same time
i just took a shank
that shank was good
i love to shank
by uk G man June 17, 2008
when your friends come into your house and take off their shoes and you can smell the stink so bad you want them out of your house.
Aw, dood, ur shank is so bad! put ur shoes away!!
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008
the stabbing and twisting performed with a shanker when inserted into mans anus

to shank really hurts both the receiver and the shanker.

you obtain shankers from good camden stalls and from broken lever-arch french folders.
man lucy bought some good shankers from that camden stall.

shit! my anus is aching after lucy shanked me with her shankers!

bharat is such a shanker, danny boy must be crying after that!

by nosnHoj olim March 14, 2008
taking a shit and havin a wank at the same time
"dude I just went to the jacks and just had a great shank thinkin of your mom"
by Marie & Conor February 13, 2008
A Shank is when You Masturbate whilst taking a dump. twice the orgasm!
"Just popping for a shank",
"Go shank yourself",
by D2323 November 28, 2007

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