Shower wank, that is to say to masturbate whilst in the shower.
I wont be home this weekend mum, I'm having a shank.

Where's Greg?
He's shanking.

by starkadder March 18, 2009
This is a term used for masturbation in the shower.

Shower + wank = Shank.
Man i'm frustrated, i'm going for a shank.
by gamblitis March 16, 2009
1. A homemade knife, usually made out of scrap metal, glass, or anything that is sharp.

2. A stab in which a shanking knife "shanks" you right below the rib, or into the rib.
That man over there is going on a shanking rampage!

Excuse me, but i found a shank in my silverware napkin

Ouch. That shank really hurt. Don't do it again cracker.
by joren1122 March 10, 2009

To go for a shit and get so bored you end up masturbating
"God i was on the toilet for so long yesterday i ended up having a shank"

"You were in the toilet for a very long time, were you shanking?"
by 3dd0 March 08, 2009
The act of having a shit and a wank simultaneously, often placing both elements in a sandwich afterwards.
Ali: 'I just had a shank'

Zara: 'You're a dirty bastard'

Ali: ' And I'm gona put it in a sandwich'

Zara: 'Just leave'
by James/Zara February 21, 2009
to shank/jab someone with a knife
im gonna shank you

oi jonny get ya shank out
by j.campion10 February 13, 2009
1. A homemade knife or stabbing weapon.

2. A short wank, time constrained by location and/or circumstances.
1. Pimp Daddy Smurf shanked Alfonzo for stealing his toilet wine.

2. That blonde walked by me between classes, so I slipped in the john and pulled a shank before second bell.
by Cameron DiAss January 30, 2009

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