Abbreviation of Shuttup and Thanks.
Commonly used when you want someone to cut their story short, yet in a polite way.
Beccy: Omfg, Carl tried to unzip my pants last night and then he told me..
Tracy: Uh shanks. *walks off*
by no, who are you. December 20, 2009
The process of masturbating while simultaneously defecating, usually but not exclusively, upon a toilet. It's etymology lies in a combination of the colloquial terms 'shit' and 'wank'.
Henry Ho locked his door for a quick shank.
by shankwanktank November 12, 2009
This is the act of having a raging wank whilst in the shower.

It is done to be able to fit more activities into the day by combining two activties into one without having to go through the hassle of cleaning up after a wank.
Joan: whats up with you today, normally you very angry and tense?
Colin: well i've adopted this new programme into my life called shanking which applies a wank in the same time as i shower killing two birds with one stone and without the effort of not having to clean up after my intense wanking.
by Super Queef October 20, 2009
"to shank- tew sh-aaaa-nnkkk to have a sharp object, not always a knife. just something sharp or dull, but with a dull one you would need more force. to stab the
person trying to rape/attack/kill/slap/hit/anger you, you put the item you are going to SHANK them with and jab them in the stomach= or arm or face or wherever."
Cut with sharp object.
meaning Shank and hurt or kill
by Shanking buddies July 23, 2009
the act of excreting and then proceding to masturbate while sitting on the john. Les commonly known as a 'toilet chug', however, may be heard in some places.

Commonly done by people who enjoy both feelings and wish to enhance their orgasm
Rodrigo: dude, i love shitting and wanking equally as much.

Brent: You should shank dudee!! My uncle taught me how to do it! simple, saves time and is effective
by Bartholomew555666 May 07, 2009
Shank comes from 2 words joined together, creating a sick fetish type act.

When one SHits in his hand and wANKs = SHANK.

Could possibly mean they are homosexual.
Im not just having a wank, Im having a shank!

Hey man, I ran outta lube. Thats ok you can always shit in your hand and wank or have a "shank" if you like.
by wrys April 28, 2009
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