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to steal, such as the act of taking something without permission.
Yo, that dude just shanked my noodes.
by joe February 25, 2005
To stab someone with a knife.
I'm gonna shank you like a Mexican, bitch!
by Bodacious Bob February 14, 2005
A shot struck by the club's hosel. Travels to the right of the intended target.
do u know how to play golf? :)
by anjali December 09, 2003
To stab a person.
Yo, yo, mofo! You just skanked Artie; whatch'choo doin'?
by Terasu November 24, 2003
1) To stab

2) To melt a toothbrush then when it is still liquid, put a razor blade on it and let it dry.
1) That dude just got SHANKED!

2)He made a shank yesterday.
by Lewis November 19, 2003
knife, stabbing device, blade
I'm gunna stab you with my shank.
by Duncan October 22, 2003
Any object that will inflict pain
Screwdriver, Fork, Toothbrush handle, aerosol can, long dick
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003