The word used to replace shit when my parents are around.
Used by my sister and her best friend.
Most commonly used when we all play cards.
Oh, shank! I dropped the whole deck of cards!

Shank... You're winning now.
by Vildar July 15, 2011
Verb: to lift one leg or ass cheek and deliver a rousing fart.
Noun: the result of lifting one leg or ass cheek to deliver a rousing fart.
Verb: Dude, I was sitting in one of those old wooden chairs when I shanked one so loud people heard it down the hall.
Noun: Dude, was that your shank I heard down the hall? It echoed all the way to our room.
by whodemscotts July 07, 2011

North Carolina slang for pretending to pull someone's pants down as a joke
Me: "shank!"
My friend: "oh, I thought you were going to pull my pants down, that was funny."
by bigDandtheBoys May 14, 2011
The relaxation method most commonly used by men in the bathroom. The process involves Wanking and any combination of: Showering, Shitting, or Shaving. Combining the skills requires great skill and double (Two from the 'Sh...' list) and triple (three of the 'Sh....' list) shanks have been know to be fatal.
(Man returns from bathroom on night-out)
Mate: Good Shank?
Man: Yeah, just a double though - I left my razor at home.
by Doone February 22, 2011
1. Literally, to stab in the stomach

2. More loosely, to screw something up, make a mistake, etc.

3. In sports: to make a bad shot/play, to hit the ball awkwardly.
Did you see that tennis ball? I hit it over the fence!
Yeah, you really shanked that one.
by tennisdude November 17, 2010
To steal, especially with a stab-like motion. It's normally a quick, smooth motion, or one unseen. It however can loosely be applied to stealing in any form.
Ha! Shanked your apple!
by Boozzz November 01, 2010
To hurt someone ;smack,slap
Joe: your such a retard
Jacob: shutup or I'll shank you !
by mustafa12345678 October 20, 2010
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