1)a knife
2)to cut or stab a person with a knife
3)to harmfully hit a person; to badly hit a ball, esp. in baseball or volleyball
4)to spank
Guy#1:You is a fool
Guy#2:Bitch, shut the fuck up before I shank yo ugly ass
by chya1254 November 10, 2005
In golf when the ball goes more sideways then forward.
Beau is shank-master flex.
by bo's August 07, 2005
V. The act of discreetly, and intentionally stabbing someone in the lower back or abdomen with a small knife.
"damn, that nigga got shanked"

"Imma shank that mafucka and take his mafuckin wallet"
by barberino June 12, 2005
1. A homemade knife, sometimes very crudely made from ordinary objects (sharpened end of a toothbrush), fashioned from various materials i.e. steel, glass, plastics, woods, etc. It can be made into multiple sizes and styles such as a serated or smooth blade. Found and used in prisons.
"Hand me that shank,ese! I'm gonna punch this fools ticket if it's the last thing I do!"
by Jukeboxjerk May 25, 2005
1) (noun) An object that, while not necessarily originally intended as a weapon (and otherwise bears no resemblance), is used as one. A steak knife, for instance, would not be a shank (and is, as well, a poor ad hoc choice for a weapon), but a screwdriver, heavy duty flashlight, or socket wrench would be.

Origin unknown, but I think it has something to do with home made knives. See also shiv.

2) (verb) To use a shank. (Shanked, past tense)
Jorge was shanked with a screwdriver by Miguel when he failed to pass on his protection money.
by ke6isf May 20, 2005
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