a knife, history: from prison a home-made knife
i pulled out my shank on him
by the ELLZ June 07, 2007
to punch extreamly hard, to bring harm to in some way, repetedly punch someone extreamly hard
Shut up or ill shank you like you've never been shanked before hoe.
by KAYLAmcmLOVESyou May 07, 2007
To shank a person, usually a chav, is to do a more severe stab, casting your knife sideways towards the persons ribs.
If i were you, I would stand left of the person, that way your knife could maybe get the heart? whatever way you're standing, the shank technique will seriously hurt and knock off another chav in the world :)
i'm gonna shank him south london style mate!
by Frooblez April 01, 2007
An untidy person, untidy car, untidy house. etc. Wearing untidy clothes multiple day's in a row.
Look at that shank ass!!
by Stralfazz March 04, 2007
The act of pulling down one's pants from behind, usually while said person is sagging their pants.
That nigga was saggin they pants so I SHANKED his ass in front of da whole school!
by T-Dav November 20, 2006
A shank is a sharp knife.
If your mate gets rude again ill shank him
by T BONE AKA SNOOP February 24, 2006
In golf when the ball goes more sideways then forward.
Beau is shank-master flex.
by bo's August 07, 2005

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