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An item that is used as a weapon but wasn't originaly inteded to be a weapon. A homemade prison blade is a perfect example.
Dude! You just got shanked with a rake!

Dude look out! That broken beer bottle can be used as a shank!
by Stui August 21, 2005
388 324
discrete and rapid thrusts with a sharp object, usually with something homemade or makeshift and usually directed toward to lower torso.

not to be confused with stab.
Rafael shanked his target in the gut with a ballpoint pen as he walked past him on the sidewalk.
by Action Steve July 29, 2006
11 11
To stab, steal, street slang like the word Debo.
Dat nigga got shanked.
by Debo Mofo November 15, 2005
1 1
1)a knife
2)to cut or stab a person with a knife
3)to harmfully hit a person; to badly hit a ball, esp. in baseball or volleyball
4)to spank
Guy#1:You is a fool
Guy#2:Bitch, shut the fuck up before I shank yo ugly ass
by chya1254 November 10, 2005
12 12
The most dangerous form of shiv involves the prisoner using matches or a lighter (both felony level contraband) to burn a toothbrush into the shape of a spike. The spike is most commonly stabbed into the eye or genitals of the intended target.
He put his eye out with his toothbrush shank
by dmc375 November 15, 2011
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verb. typically thought of as a way to hurt someone in prison with a handmade knife. However, it has a 2nd meaning. Shank can also mean to draw a penis. The drawing can be as elaborate or as simple as one would like it to be. But the idea is that the penis drawing is a surprise, unbeknownst to the receiver.
" damn, my notebook got shanked..."


"I just shanked your shit"
by PITT KNOWS SHIT November 14, 2011
1 2
The act of shiting and wanking at the same time
I was in a horny hurry this morning had to shank
by Shell2784 May 20, 2011
2 3

North Carolina slang for pretending to pull someone's pants down as a joke
Me: "shank!"
My friend: "oh, I thought you were going to pull my pants down, that was funny."
by bigDandtheBoys May 14, 2011
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