An item that is used as a weapon but wasn't originaly inteded to be a weapon. A homemade prison blade is a perfect example.
Dude! You just got shanked with a rake!

Dude look out! That broken beer bottle can be used as a shank!
by Stui August 21, 2005
verb. typically thought of as a way to hurt someone in prison with a handmade knife. However, it has a 2nd meaning. Shank can also mean to draw a penis. The drawing can be as elaborate or as simple as one would like it to be. But the idea is that the penis drawing is a surprise, unbeknownst to the receiver.
" damn, my notebook got shanked..."


"I just shanked your shit"
by PITT KNOWS SHIT November 14, 2011
To shit and wank at the same time.

Similar to cranking (crying and wanking).
"Man, I've been with my family all day, I'm off for a shank"
"Dude, I had an awesome shank last night, managed to syncronise beautifully"
by Jizzy P. April 22, 2010
To both masturbate and defecate simultaneously, usually on a lavatory or into a porcelain container.

Many begin to defecate before masturbating, so as to start an uninterrupted fecal flow. Also, it is not a requirement to ejaculate and finish defecating at the same time, but dedicated "shankers" will attempt the 'Snow on the Mountain' technique (wherein the discharge lands on the fecal matter.)

It is not necessary to be nude, but serial "shankers" will usually derobe before attempting a long shank.
Guy 1: "Jeez, you were ages man. What took you so long? Big shit?"

Guy 2: "Nah man, had a good shank."


Guy 1: "Well, thats me kicked out"

Guy 2: "What did you do?"

Guy 1: "My girlfriend woke up and found me shanking next to her last night."
by Joshmilburnt January 07, 2010
A homemade weapon usually made out of old crap lying around like broken glass or metal. A shank usually is only for stabbing and has no cutting edge (like a dart, but a lot bigger and more dangerous).
As a verb shank means to stab somebody to death with a shank, with quick short motions to the area just below the ribs.
-In both of these senses shiv means the same thing.

"Shank" can also be used in golf to describe a terrible slice or duff resultant from the club head not centered on the ball during the swing. Also a verb.

I've also heard from a guy in NC that they use "shank" to mean pantsing where he lives. Hardly anybody else I've asked says this is true, though. Must be a southern thing as far as I know. Usually they yell "shank" as they pull down the pants.
-I crafted a shank and shanked this guy in prison.

-Ahh! I shanked that drive!

-"SHANK!" he yelled as he pantsed Robert.
by dhonker June 02, 2006
to pull someones pants down without out them knowing ur gona do it prior to the act
u wear sweatpants u better tie em cuz i'll shank ur ass!
by *april December 30, 2004
The art of taking a shit whilst having a wank. Great way to save time. Also heightening the pleasure factor, as a big firm dump squeezes past the male g-spot.
I had a monster shit last night. Time was not on my side, so I decided to double up and had myself an awesome shank.


My flatmate left the bathroom door unlocked last night, I accidentally walked in on him Shanking!
by Bandicles January 11, 2014
From Shit + Wank, to masturbate whilst taking a shit.
I want a wank but I really need to take a shit and there isn't time for both! I know, I'll have a Shank!
by Mvfekker January 01, 2014

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