An item that is used as a weapon but wasn't originaly inteded to be a weapon. A homemade prison blade is a perfect example.
Dude! You just got shanked with a rake!

Dude look out! That broken beer bottle can be used as a shank!
by Stui August 21, 2005
To violently stab someone with the intent of causing serious damage, commonly used when in the presence of a zombie
Jenni Mawson "I'm gonna shank ya"
by The Norton Lass February 09, 2015

slang for pretending to pull down one of your friend's pants for the lulz. Common on the East Coast of the US. Originated in North Carolina
My friend shanked me haha
by NCgary May 14, 2011
Any sharp object owned by a black man.
Jordanicus-Lequarius insists that his knife be called a Swiss Army Knife, but we all know that it's a shank.
by Jordy Nelson September 24, 2013
When two males are using urinals next to each other, one finishes urinating and the other male take his penis and shakes it for him, removing excess urine.
Guy 1: Hey you there mind shanking me whilst I take this phone call?

Guy 2: Yeah sure, how many shakes do you need?

Guy 1: 5.
by Broad-east-anglian November 21, 2011
1. a knife..usually a flick knife

2. to steal something

3. to stab someone
1. ill draw for the shanks if you don't watch your mouth

2. did you see me shanks his fone??
by seny April 07, 2005
Shower wank.
"I'll call you in 10 i'm going to have a shank"
by Kubee September 23, 2014
Shut up thanks said by the bitch in bogan pride
Shanks mate! Means shut up thanks
by Redbeard89 October 08, 2011

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