(N.) (Adj.) (V.) A tchochke. A gaudy overdone person(usually a girl), place, or thing. Also can be used to substitute for the word heck, hell, fuck, etc. e.g. what the ____. Can also be used as a verb.
Maggie: The woman is such a hoochie!
Laura: Nahhh, shes a SHANIQUA!

Gale: What the shaniqua is going on?!
Jo: Im not really sure...

Laura: Wheres Lea?
Lindy: Shes shaniquing around the mall.
by sooblonde June 07, 2010
Amazing girl who once you get to know you will want her to be a part of your life forever. Cute face with a smile that is one in a million and with it she can light up any room she enters. Also known as 'the one'.
Life's good, but if Shaniqua was here everything would be better.
by Blanco1 October 30, 2011
You know those people you can't see in the dark yeah those people are named Shaniqua.

I can never see you in the dark Shaniqua
by Shenaynay <3 April 08, 2011
A word describing odd matters that seem really funny at first but then get really weird. Usually describing something you randomly search on Youtube and watch with your friends. Not a party idea.
That video was such a Shaniqua.
by lidizzlewatchoo October 12, 2012
Shaniqua Listerine "minty fresh" Jackson is quite possible one of the most influential men of our time. He grew up in the Bel-Air Ghetto and invented many things including the ghetto stop (stopping abruptly and making a screeching noise), The Hoodrat Hustle (a style of fighting that consists of made up move that you come up with as you go.) and also helped discover the 1-2 method of river rafting along with the Famous Raft Admiral Captain Singrey. (Captain Singrey's ship was later named after Mr. Jackson). Shaniqua Jckson is in no way related to Chief Shaniqua of the Fushi Ukulele-ists of Central Kenya (Or the Chief of F.U.C.K. as he's usually referred to) Minty Fresh has been referred to as "Ghetto Fabulous"
I'm gonna Ghetto-stop like Shaniqua!
by Svallbok Svenson August 24, 2009
A girl who looks like she's on meth, is a midget, likes it up the ass, looks like a drown rat, has roots that are white as hell coming out of her dark emo black hair. likes women, but only the fat kind, get's in fights at lunch against maegan and brooke. throws chairs, likes fire crotches and "men" that are caking. confuses asian people. never eats looks like a toothpick wears mens pants. masterbates to mr. bates. white.
Ex. 1: girl 1: ahggg what is that
Girl 2: must be a shaniqua

Ex2: asian: what the hell is a shaniqua
NOrmal people: shut the fuck up
ASian: I wont until you tell me! is it savannah
normal people: taylor shut the fuck up!
by laliah December 19, 2008
Slightly derogative term for a young, openly gay black man from the inner city who embraces gangsta rap culture and fashion, but exhibits the mannerisms of a stereotypical feisty ghetto girl. A somewhat rare occurrence, a Shaniqua is therefore like a homothug who is not on the DL.
Confrontation in a club:

Man#1: I'ma smack yo' ass up, beeyotch!

Man#2: Back off, Shaniqua, I don't got beef with you.
by Wouldn't YOU like to know? April 04, 2005

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