The best place of China to be, with numerous skyscrapers and breathtaking views along the bund.

Famous for its historical past and gorgeous Shanghainess girls.

Nightlife, parties, concerts and clubs crazily going on here everyday. You just got to partaay up when you get in the city:)))
If you dont like Shanghai, GO HOME!!
by jciao April 29, 2010
the phrase you use when something is stolen by a group of Native Americans or Asians.
"I can't log onto WoW, my account has been shang hai'd."
by Dean :] February 03, 2007
The honourable, graceful city which is soon going to outpace New York. Its quality of education , especially in junior and senior high schools, is unparalleled. And behold, this will pay off later on.
Guy A: Some people believe that China in 21st century will be analogous to the Germany of the late 19th century.
Guy B: Yeah, and Shanghai is the new Prussia.
by onthetopo January 10, 2005
To vomit on one's own genitals while sitting on the toilet, naked, defecating.
Also can define a situation where one vomits at a wall in front of him while sitting on a toilet, naked, defecating, and it sprays back in his or her face.
"Wow John totally Shanghai-ed last night and left the bathroom in such a disgusting state that I threw up immediatly! AWESOME!"
by Gummy-Bear February 03, 2010
To stink up a room/person with the smoke from either a ciggarette or (more commonly) a roach.
Don't fuckin shanghai my room til after my parents leave the house.
by christopherxxx August 26, 2006
According to the dictionary, to simultaneously masturbate and cry.
"I spent new year's day alone, shanghai'ing."
by Slyph January 19, 2005
Historically the Paris or the New York of the Far a poor man's Taipei. The Bund's still cool, but not as cool as before (too yuppified).
Shanghai? Pssssht...Shanghai is SO 2004. The jet-setter crowd is all about Taipei now.
by Shanghai = over March 02, 2006
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