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An orgy involving Asian prostitutes exclusively.
I'm telling you, the Japanese really know how to party.
They pulled a Shangbang for the 72nd anniversary of their occupation of North China with more than 500 local Chinese hoes in a Zuhai Hotel, September 16 through 18, 2003.

Kato-San, did you tried all the hoes at the shangbang, or just concentrated exclusively on the fat one? You really liked to jello-pudding that big ho, didn't you?

When I die, I want go to "a shangbang"...
by Dan The Rod Leroux September 07, 2006
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(1) The result of gate crashing a "shindig";
(2) Small to medium majorly drunken get together (mainly goon and cheap beer) before going out somewhere expensive because no one has money to buy real drinks;
(3) The revival of a shit party which no longer deserves the title of "party" after being shit but has SOMEHOW got good again so is a "Shang bang"; or
(4) Anything you want it to be
Detroit's having a Shang Bang in the dungeon! BYO bitches!
by Shirl April 29, 2007
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