the sound made when Wolverine's claws pop out of his hands. Wolverine's claws can also be called shangs.
"I'm gonna get my shangs out if you don't be quiet."
by wolverinefan2010 March 31, 2010
Top Definition
Means anything you want it to mean.
I am a shang
You are a shang
I want to shang you
Shang me now
by Gary November 26, 2003
Shang-better word for bicycle. Push bike developed into push ang and resuled in shang. Standard word to use on the isle of Guernsey
I stole your shang to get home from the Rockmount (pub)
by 5tefan January 07, 2009
means "give me" used by australians when they want people to give them something that is out of reach or if they want something you have.
shang me the greek salad
oi can you shang me a smoke?
by reneeeeeeeeeeeeeee April 18, 2011
usually associated with higher intellectual status.
That kid is shanging
by sayone September 13, 2011
reaching desperately or impatiently for an object or person. sometimes done with fingers moving rapidly towards what your shanging.
she shanged that bottle right out of my hand
by L Chele D July 02, 2011
To deceive someone into buying something substandard for your own profit.
So we bought some beer at Shangy's, but they shanged us as usual, convincing Bob to buy some old, crappy beer.
by Nayho September 13, 2011
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