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The name often associated with black chicks, but not limited to. Often Flirtatious in nature without meaning to. Careful by trade, extreme funskies by profession. A shanene is down to earth and sexy, though often carries the idea that you ain't "tappn that".
Dude 1:"so i asked shanene out"
Dude 2:"really? what'd she say?
Dude 1:"she blew me off, but i don't feel so bad about it".
Dude 2:"yeah, thats a shanene for ya".
by pixiemachine June 05, 2012
(1) A virgin selling herself for a new drum.

(2) Sacrificing for the greater good.
We need new quads. We could really use a Sha-Ne-Ne right now.
by drummmergurlz November 03, 2010