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A great big girl's blouse. The proper title for a complete wendy. Something that can only be experienced when you've actually met an example of a shandy drinking wendy. Note: you don't have to drink shandy to be a shandy drinking wendy, it's a way of life.
In a bar: "Can I have a milk, I've got to be home by 10 to phone Mummy and prepare for next week's lectures."
"You shandy drinking wendy" in tone of massive disgust
by 50s slut November 14, 2004
One can attribute the term "shandy drinking wendy" to anyone who orders a half pint at the bar. (basically a shandy without the lemonade)
"Half of Fosters please"

"Ok sir... *coughs* SHANDY DRINKING WENDY! *coughs*
by Benjamin Partridge November 15, 2004
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