A great big girl's blouse. The proper title for a complete wendy. Something that can only be experienced when you've actually met an example of a shandy drinking wendy. Note: you don't have to drink shandy to be a shandy drinking wendy, it's a way of life.
In a bar: "Can I have a milk, I've got to be home by 10 to phone Mummy and prepare for next week's lectures."
"You shandy drinking wendy" in tone of massive disgust
by 50s slut November 14, 2004
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One can attribute the term "shandy drinking wendy" to anyone who orders a half pint at the bar. (basically a shandy without the lemonade)
"Half of Fosters please"

"Ok sir... *coughs* SHANDY DRINKING WENDY! *coughs*
by Benjamin Partridge November 15, 2004

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