(noun) slang, an underage female who not only insists that she is the age of majority, but tries at great lengths to snare older men for experience.
R. Kelly is innocent, he was merely the victim of a professional shamrock.
by plbplbplb November 04, 2008
Top Definition
A green leaf with heart shaped petels. they can vary in number but you are most likly to find them with three leaves (four if you're lucky)
Jimmy never found a four-leaf shamrock and now he's dead....
by cailin beag August 30, 2003
(verb) slang, to hit somebody hard in the head or face.
That kid got shamrocked by Carl the other day.
by Cizzle Mayne January 19, 2008

(1) To screw someone over; scam.

(2) To inflict severe injury upon someone as leverage to facilitate the extortion of money.

"Shamrock" is most frequently encountered in the passive, as in, "you have been shamrocked." (Origin: Shamrock Towing, a notoriously unethical business in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, ca. 1957)
(1) After paying $115 for the predatory towing of his car, Willis figured out he'd been shamrocked and called an attorney.

(2) "You didn't pay Vinnie your protection this month?! Buddy, you are sooo shamrocked!"
by Carl Willis April 27, 2004
(n.)Anything that is passed off as being true Rock n' Roll, but which a majority of people believe otherwise. Fig 1. Limp Bizkit. See also: Creed.
The bar was playing Creed? Now that's one kind of shamrock I don't want on St. Patrick's day.
by jordan March 17, 2005
Altered Humboldt County strain of quality Marijuana, grown from the plant "Pretzels" in Northern California. Known for its advanced germination-mid vegetation cycle, into an outdoor beast in early vegetation.
"Pretzels just yeilded the SHAMROCK bud."
by nich March 17, 2004
it's an irish penis
check out that shamrock!
by serpeco May 28, 2001
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